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20 Committee Members of the 2013 / 14 school year

John Curtin (Joint Chair)
Rosie McMahon (Joint chair)
Patricia Meaney (secretary)
Ritva UI Ceallaigh (treasurer)
Ann McMahon (p.r. officer)
Pauline Reidy (assist. sec)
Dorothea Madden (assist. treasurer)
Mike McMahon (assist p.r.o)

Caroline Coffey.
Edel Donnellan.
Anne Kelly.
Dolores Meaney.
Mossie O'Brien (new member)
Carmel Sheehan.

This is Ballynacally Parents Association 14th year since setup in 1998 by School Principal Conor Lynch

Events held during the 2012/2013 school year

After our AGM the first event was the Halloween party/Disco which was held in the 5 Arches.
Followed by the turning on of the Christmas lights, we had a bigger job in planning this year as we had a celeb from outside the parish in "DAVY"

Personalised Christmas Card making was also offered to all school children and this is a great fund raiser for us
A Christmas Movie for the children was skipped this year to allow more time for the 1st Christmas concert in years!!

See our future plans page for more on what we hope to achieve this academic year

Events held during the 2011/2012 school year
Content 9
Events held during the 2010/2011 school year

Web Launch/Social Evening

An enjoyable social evening took place on Friday 18th. Connnor Moynihan, MC on the evening first welcomed everybody and introduced the guest of honor, the delightful Roisin Meaney, best selling book author with local connections. Roisin spoke on her time spent in lavalla Ballynacally as a child and later read a passage from her new blockbuster, "The Things We Do for Love" . Signed copies available in Ennis bookshops.

Also on the night Connor Lynch, school principal addressed the audience prior to the launch of this website. With top class music from local DJ John Curtin and the best of home baking from local parents the evening was a great success.

Christmas Gamble

A Fund Raising gamble took place in the 5 Arches bar to raise funds for the planned activities ahead

Halloween Disco

A halloween disco was held in the community centre for the school children. The was a chance for the children to dress up and have fun dancing with their friends, treats and games were also availabe with a special dance routine from the parents Association mums. (see the gallery)

Cake Sale

A cake sale was organised and held after mass on St. Patricks day, this event is a key part of the necessary fundraising efforts to provide enjoyable/educational events for the children

Eco Day

A representative from Ecofarm in Clarecastle attended the school and demonstrated a variety of renewable energy producted. Explanations were given on how electricity is created with wind turbines. Discussions also took place on other renewable energy products.

Languages Classes

French and German classes were also organised this year to help children make a decision on what language they may like to take as a subject when begin Secondary school. These classes were delivered very professionally by local ladies.


Holy Communion

The P.A. organised some refreshments in the church after the Holy Communion as Parents and children take photo's on their big day...

Class photo

A class photo was taken in June. This photo is to be distributed to all parents who would like a photo of their child with their classmates. The PA have also invited Eamon Murphy to take individual family or group shots.

End of year party

Pizza and icecream was a welcome change from bouncy castle and burgers, also a magical show entertained the kids and the teachers performed the hokey cokey

Events held during the 2009/2010 school year

In the 2009 / 2010 school year the parents association achieved the following

  • Festive evening, Card making, flower arrangements and cake decorating for parents at a very successful night at Dalys bar.

  • Christmas Gamble, a very good fundraiser held in the five arches bar.

  • Valentines Day, a slogan based competition held for school children with cinema tickets as the prize.

  • French & German language classes to help 4th, 5th & 6th classes decide on a language for secondary school

  • Animal roadshow, where many unusual creatures such as snake etc were introduced to the school children.

  • Easter bunny, a cute Easter bunny visited the school children at Easter time bringing chocolate and a plenty of humour

  • Cinema, our local community centre was turned into a cinema for both older and younger groups of children, drinks and treats were provided.

  • Falcon display, birds from dromolands falconry school thrilled the children on a visit to the school.

  • TD Visit, our local td visited the school on request and provided interesting information to the schoolchildren and followed this up with a tour of the dail at a later school tour.

  • Communion Refreshments, it was arranged that parents of first class children would help with future refreshments on communion day, this was very successful.

  • Retirement, The committee arranged a very successful party at Daly's bar for Geraldine Halpin on her retirement from Ballynacally National school.

  • Newsletter, Two newsletters were published in the last school year for the first time, it is hoped to continue this form of publication for any parents who can not access this website.
What we do

The following are some of the activities in which Parents Associations might be involved:

    The promotion of the educational and general welfare and social interests of the pupils of the school.
    Helping in any way it can, the pupils and staff of the school.
    Acting as an advisory body, representing the views of parents on school policies and activities. (f) Helping to make school life more complete by organising various activities.
  • Organising information/social events for new parents to the school
  • Organising welcome events for new students to the school
  • Arranging talks on topics of interest to parents, e.g. guest speaker on parenting/discipline etc
  • Providing support/organisational input to major school events, e.g. communions, confirmations, debs etc.
  • Channelling parents views on school policy issues to the Principal/Board
  • Contributing to school newsletter
  • Helping to organise and supervise extra curricular activities
  • Organising Fund Raising Events for the school

See our FUTURE PLANS page for more details

Role of the Parents association

Provision is made in the Education Act 1998 to allow parents of students of a school to set up a Parents Association. The Act states that:
The parents of students of a recognised school may establish and maintain from among their number, a parents’ association for the school and membership of that association shall be open to all parents of students of that school.

The parents association in a school works with the principal, staff and board of management to build effective co-operation and partnership between home and school.

The role of the parent’s association is set down in the Education Act 1998 as follows: A parents association shall promote the interests of the students in a school in co-operation with the board, principal, teachers and students. The Education Act also sets out two broad tasks for a parents association which are:· To advise the Principal or the Board on matters relating to the school
To adopt a programme of activities which will promote the involvement of parents in the operation of the school, in consultation with the principal.
To operate effectively as a Parents Association you need to have mechanisms in place whereby you can establish the views of the parents and pupils on matters relating to the school. In this way you can select activities that will promote parental and student involvement. While all parents of pupils of a school are members of the parents association, the majority do not need to be involved in the day-to-day activities of the association. Usually the parents association will elect a committee who manage the responsibilities of the parent association of behalf of all the parents. The size and formation of the committee is usually determined by the size of the school and the amount of activities to be undertaken. The following are some of the activities in which Parents Associations might be involved:
Organising information/social events for new parents to the school.
Organising welcome events for new students to the school.
Arranging talks on topics of interest to parents, e.g. guest speaker on parenting/discipline etc.
Preparing school handbooks/calendars.
Providing support/organisational input to major school events, e.g. communions, confirmations, debs etc.
Channelling parents views on school policy issues to the Principal/Board.
Contributing to school newsletter.
Helping to organise and supervise extra curricular activities.
Organising Fund Raising Events for the school

Fund Raising

Parents Associations are entitled to raise funds for the administration and activities of the association. A Parents Association is expected to consult with the school board, which includes the Principal, about fund raising as the approval of the board is normally needed prior to funds being raised. Any funds raised must be used for the purpose for which the money was collected. Full accounts should be maintained and presented at the Parent Association AGM.

    Whilst setting up or being involved on a Parents Association Committee for the first time can be a bit daunting, there is help available. The National Parents Council -Primary (NPC) and The National Parents Council – Post Primary offer considerable support for Parents Associations.

    The National Parents Council- Primary is the nationwide organisation for parents of primary school children and is recognised by the Education Act 1998. Membership of the NPC provides Parents Committees with access to support systems and training programmes. For more information click on this link

    The National Parents Council – Post Primary (NPCpp) is an association representing all parents associations in post-primary schools in Ireland. It can be contacted at Unit 5,Glasnevin Business Centre,Ballyboggan Road,Dublin 11.Tel: (01) 8302 740

Our Constitution

The following constitution is a guide by which Ballynacally Parents association conform to in the manner in which they conduct their business. Please click here to view it.





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